Live at The Verdict

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Live at The Verdict

Frank Harrison Trio
Linus Records 2014

Frank Harrison Piano
Dave Whitford Bass
Enzo Zirilli Drums

In early 2014 Dave, Enzo and I did our first trio tour together. Each evening I put my digital recorder on stage, just to have a personal record of what we were getting up to. When I listened back to this gig in Brighton, I really liked the simplicity of what I heard. I hope you enjoy it – it’s not a very hi-fi recording but somehow it captures what playing live means to me.

You can download it for free, or buy the CD which includes a bonus track and original artwork by Andrew Walton.


Audio Title Composer Length
I'm Old Fashioned Jerome Kern 9:08
Flowing at Rest Frank Harrison 8:56
Jitterbug Waltz Fats Waller 7:27
Everything I Love Cole Porter 8:18
Tea For Two Vincent Youmans 9:07
Autumn Leaves (CD only) Joseph Kosma 10:15