The story (and song) of the man who cycled from India for love

Here's a rather unusual and romantic story:

Brigitte Beraha wrote the lyrics to the opening song of our new album after she was inspired by the true story of a man who cycled 7,000km from India to Europe in 1977 to be with a Swedish tourist he’d fallen in love with. (You might have read about this already on the BBC website or in The Guardian.)

We posted the track on YouTube and last week PK (the man who cycled) heard it and shared it with his now wife Lotta. Apparently they loved it and have decided to make the journey from Sweden to our London album launch! We're so excited to know that the man who inspired the song will be there in the audience, with his wife and son.

We hope you can join us too, whether you cycle there or not. The concert is on Wednesday next week (23 May) and you can buy tickets from the Kings Place website.